Solve your Duplicate Content woes – the Canonical tag

The major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN of course! 🙂 ) have announced that they will all support the use of the “canonical” tag as a way to understand duplicate content pages in a site. In essence, this means they are providing a way for webmasters to tell them which version of a pageContinue reading “Solve your Duplicate Content woes – the Canonical tag”

Google SearchWiki voting buttons in the UK

If you have a Google account and are logged in whilst searching, you’re now likely to see these buttons (in the UK at least): These let you promote (the up arrow) or remove (the cross) an individual search result from the listing. You can also add your own comments using the speech bubble icon atContinue reading “Google SearchWiki voting buttons in the UK”

Successful SEO for Kent Guitar Classics

I’m pleased to report that after a trip to Andalucia, home of many of the finest classical guitar makers (and hence the lack of posting here lately), I returned to find that the SEO work on Kent Guitar Classics‘ site is beginning to pay off. For some of the key target terms, such as “classicalContinue reading “Successful SEO for Kent Guitar Classics”