New Keyword Analysis tool coming soon!

I’ve been busy training a lot lately and also developing a new keyword analysis tool, which I’m very excited about. It’s nearly ready, I just need to get a few bugs ironed out and come up with a name!

The keyword tool will use both Google and Wordtracker data and perform competitive analysis on a number of factors, making life much easier for those of us trying to find the right target phrases without spending hours in front of the computer.

2 thoughts on “New Keyword Analysis tool coming soon!

  1. I hope with this new tool, the peoples from others countries with differents languages than english, could get sucess.
    Its hard to us, call WordTracker and only US and UK big results.
    Good Job.Regards

  2. Hi Paulo. Yes, the tool will work with all country versions of Google and hence in any language served by Google.

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