East Midlands eBusiness Programme Cuts

I know many of you reading this are doing so because you have met me at an eBusiness Programme event. These events (workshops, breakfast briefings, conferences and of course the grants programme as well) are funded by EMDA, the East Midlands Development Agency.

For various reasons, not least central government clawing money back to cover the ever-increasing national debt, the programme has had its funding cut and as a result the last workshops will be this August, unless the powers that be can be persuaded otherwise. Fellow trainer Sue Hallam has created a simple petition to get as many businesses supporting the programme as possible, which you can add your name to here: eBusiness Programme Funding Petition.

Please do give this your support – I’ve heard comments along the lines of “best training I’ve ever had” and “best thing Business Link have done” so many times, it would be a crying shame to see this programme end prematurely, especially when it’s a resource unique to our region!

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