Google Analytics Adds Event Tracking Segment

Google have added an Advanced Segment item for Event Tracking, so you can compare the behaviour of visits with an event to any other segment you choose. You can read about it and see a video here. This reminds me to remind you – if you have any events on your website, whether it’s aContinue reading “Google Analytics Adds Event Tracking Segment”

MyDeco Click Reporting – How Retailers Can Get Ripped Off By CPC

I had a click report from My Deco sent to me by a client on Friday, asking for my comments. MyDeco is a comparison shopping engine in the home interiors vertical market; they work on a combination of affiliate comission (CPA) and pay per click (CPC) to generate their revenue, so retailers pay for clicksContinue reading “MyDeco Click Reporting – How Retailers Can Get Ripped Off By CPC”

Canonical tagging and Google Analytics

Apologies for the paucity of posts recently, I’ve been very busy delivering training and consultancy for the eBusiness Programme. Presenting my new Google Analytics & Conversion workshop (four times in a week!), Analytics is very much on my mind and I spotted this on Erik Vold’s blog, relating to the previous post here about theContinue reading “Canonical tagging and Google Analytics”