Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy & Training

I’ve worked in search engine marketing since before Google launched, back when the meta keywords tag had a use and stuffing 4000 words into a page with a 0.5 point font the same colour as the background was the done thing.

Ah, simpler times…

Things have evolved almost beyond recognition since those heady pre-dot-com-crash days. The breadth of considerations for successful SEO now span user experience, load speed, browser rendering, content quality, natural language processing, expertise & trust and of course external links. Not to mention the classics – title tags and meta descriptions, headings, keyword-focused content and internal linking. Then there’s structured data, formatting to win featured snippets, mobile-friendliness & security, not to mention Google My Business optimisation and local citations for local SEO.

It’s a complex area, with plenty of outdated or plain wrong information around. If things start to go south with your organic traffic, diagnosing the cause (and more importantly the solution) can be tricky. Similarly, knowing where to start and what activities will have the most benefit for your particular site is a challenge.

If you want an independent review of your current SEO, whether that’s an SEO audit or a face-to-face consultation, or if you’d like some in-house training on how best to tackle SEO for your website, I’m your man. I’ll use my 21 years of experience working on SEO for hundreds of websites to give you clarity & insight, both in person and in written form, so that you and your team (including external developers) know exactly what to do and how to do it. I’ll happily work through it with you and check things as you make progress too.

I’m happy delivering SEO training to a single person, small groups or speaking at large events to hundreds, as I have done many times. I’ll show you the best tools, techniques and examples so you know exactly how to optimise your site.

Watch Me Delivering An SEO Seminar