Webmaster Tools

Hopefully you’re familiar with Google Webmaster Tools, but you might not have used’s webmaster tools before ( is the re-branded MSN Search).

Like Google, Live provides an interface to manage multiple sites, each of which you’ll have to verify by uploading a file or including a meta tag in your homepage. Once verified, you can check for crawl errors, tell Live about your XML sitemap’s location, have a look at your Page Score (an interesting feature that suggests similar technology to Google’s PageRank, although my previous one-page three-links website seemed to score a full 5/5!) and also view your backlinks, which has a handy filter option.

Although the web page only shows 20 links, you can download them all as a file to view in Excel. Here’s a screenshot from the account for my band, Heroes of Switzerland (not really a competitive business site!)

As you can see, Live reports 77 backlinks (some of which are from pages on the site itself) – Yahoo reports 861! (831 excluding its own pages). So, er, maybe not as comprehensive as you might like, but worth checking out all the same.

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