Google Conversion Guide Booklet

I missed this when it was released a couple of weeks ago, but here it is now: Google’s “Make Your Website Work – Ten ways to convert visitors into buyers” ebook. It’s all pretty simple stuff, but I like the format and particularly the examples of websites that tested and made improvements to their conversionContinue reading “Google Conversion Guide Booklet”

Simple Conversion Tactics, Big Improvements

Well, I’ve now finished my short run of breakfast seminars on converting website visitors into customers, but I’m pleased to say that from April, there will be a full day workshop available. I promised in a previous post that I would write more about conversion and I thought I’d start with something really simple. I’mContinue reading “Simple Conversion Tactics, Big Improvements”

Happy New Year! Time to maximise your ROI

Happy new year to everyone! For many of us in business, this coming year could be the toughest for a long time – the recession has barely begun and incomes are likely to fall. That’s why I’m concentrating on maximising return on investment from online marketing at the moment, primarily by increasing the conversion rateContinue reading “Happy New Year! Time to maximise your ROI”