If you are looking for search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, conversion rate optimisation or email marketing services, please contact Ian’s online marketing agency, Boom Online Marketing.

Boom Online Marketing

Ian offers independent consultancy and training in the following areas.

Search Engine Optimisation

From advice about your SEO strategy to hands-on advanced optimisation, Ian is able to help. As the author of the eBusiness Programme Successful Search Engine Optimisation and Advanced SEO workshops, Ian has years of experience in solving SEO problems, advising on best practice and conducting in-depth analysis of a site’s performance, whether it’s your own or your competitor’s.

Contact Ian to see how he can help – whether you have a particular problem with your site and the search engines, you want a report on the site’s optimisation and performance, or if you need help with link-building, Ian should be your first port of call.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Ian has set up, advised on and managed numerous pay-per-click campaigns for clients in both retail and B2B sectors. He also delivers the Developing a Pay-Per-Click Campaign and Optimising Your PPC Campaigns (Advanced) workshops for the eBusiness Programme.

Ian can help you minimise your cost per click, raise your Quality Score and improve your conversion rate – contact him to find out how.

Web Design & Development

With a decade of experience in web design and development, Ian is able to advise on and help manage the development of your website. Ian has helped literally hundreds of companies understand the issues around web design, the technical development aspects and all the associated areas from domain names to hosting to analytics (web statistics).

Ian has worked with blue chip companies, small businesses and start-ups, from simple “brochure” sites to bespoke online service development. He can help you write a web design brief, select a development company and manage the relationships between all parties concerned, providing a valuable “trusted advisor” to help you through the process. Contact Ian to see how he can help you.